3 Great Tips for Finding a Fuckbuddy

ATTENTION: we are reviewing several sites in this article that you would never want your kids using Рkeep this in mind.  However, adults may find these tips helpful.

Most sex-hungry people think finding a fuckbuddy is nearly impossible, but those people would be wrong. Casual sex rates are at an all-time high as a result of dating apps and online dating sites. Try these simple tricks and watch as hotties hit you up daily.

  1. Dating Apps

    OK, so there are two scenarios here. Either you’ve never tried using a dating app, and you have no idea the power they contain, or you’ve tried them and failed miserably. If you haven’t had much luck, then you probably did it wrong so let me help you out.

    Let’s start from scratch. Forget everything you think you know about dating apps and females in general. Gather some pictures that you’d want cute girls to see. No, that doesn’t mean upload six bathroom mirror selfies. ¬†Again, you’re going to want to use a dedicated fuckbuddy app such as Meet Bang when looking to find fuck buddies online.

    You’re probably better off not uploading any selfies at all, to be honest. Maybe one’s OK, but that’s where I draw the line. You want these girls to know you’re a social guy and that you’ve got charisma. There’s no better way of doing this than uploading photos of you with your friends, maybe out at night having fun.

    Keep in mind that this isn’t a Where’s Waldo page ok? These girls don’t want to have to guess which one is you in every picture. Make it simple and keep it fun. If you have any extra manly hobbies, upload a photo of you doing the said activity to boost your likes.

  2. Bio

    Your bio is that little section of text under your pictures, and it’s a LOT more important than most people think. Let’s say, for example, you’re browsing some cute girls page, and she has a baby in one of her photos. OK, no big deal. It could be her sisters baby, OR she could be a mother of two, and you have no idea. That’s what the bio is for.

    A bio is also a telltale signal of the personality of the person you’re swiping on. Personally, when I see someone with a long-winded bio describing their zodiac sign and top 10 favorite foods and personal philosophy, I can already tell I won’t get along with that person too well.

    Try to keep it light and funny and don’t take yourself too seriously. Even if you’re not much of a looker, there are lots of girls who will chat with you for your sense of humor alone. If you’ve got no ideas, maybe just throw in a quote from The Office. You’d be surprised to see how far that can get you.

  3. Messaging

    Alright, so you’ve got your first match. Now comes the hard part.

    There are a few ways to go about this. You can send a cheesy pickup line which will get a reply most of the time. If you’re looking for a challenge, then try to come up with a pun that somehow involves her name. If you do that, you will have company in your bed within the hour.

    In general, though; have fun with it. It’s just a hookup app. You’re probably not looking for a wife so don’t act like it. Crack a few jokes and try to make her laugh. Once you’ve done that, you just have to ask her out and see if she wants to come over and watch a ‘movie’ with you.

    Keep in mind that meeting up with these girls can be nerve-racking but so are all the best things in life. Feeling your heart beating out of your chest is what youth is all about so cherish it. Oh yeah, and have fun practicing your naked tango with your new partner.