Top 3 Softwares to Protect Your Children

How many devices do your kids have? Like 30? Sounds about right.

It’s increasingly difficult to monitor your kid’s movements online because there are so many devices to monitor (hell, you can even get online with some Kindles!) and because kids are in the business of hiding everything from their parents.

We have a lot of hurdles to overcome. It would be much easier if our kids could just stand to cooperate with us. Most of us parents aren’t trying to micromanage everything our children do, a lot of us just want to make sure they aren’t talking to old men or giving away their personal information. The last thing we want to do is to see our kids get hurt, and believe me there are plenty of ways to put yourself in harms way on the internet (both physically and mentally).

Here are a few pieces of software that can help protect your children from all of the danger lurking on the internet:

  1. Kaspersky : One of the reasons I’ve put this piece of software at the top of the list is because it’s pretty inexpensive. I know that a lot of families are on a budget (especially in this economy) and paying a ton of money for monitoring services just seems like an expense you can totally avoid!
    It also doesn’t limit how many devices you can add. Even if you just have 2.5 kids (complete with white picket fence) you might have double that amount of devices. Honestly, your kids probably have at least two. Families even are getting iPads for their babies! If there’s anyone who could accidentally find their way onto the dark web it’s a toddler!
    The interface is the same across Windows and Mac so you don’t have to worry about the whole lay out of the system changing from device to device.
  2. Qustodio: This tool is wildly expensive and virtually useless when it comes to mobile devices… however it’s great if you have a family that spends a lot of time on their computers. If you have kids that are big into online gaming (not console gaming, yes they’re going online but it’s not the same… think World of Warcraft or Steam games!).
    When it comes to customization you can easily tailor the controls to your needs. The one thing it really lacks is social media tracking. It’s only compatible with Facebook and honestly kids have all but completely abandoned that website in favor of other platforms like Twitter and Instagram.
  3. Clean Router: Instead of using the router that came with your cable subscription, you ought to invest in one of these bad boys. If your worried about your kids spending way too much time on internet porn sites (here’s looking at you parents of teenage boys), this router may solve a lot of your problems as it automatically blocks internet porn.
    Of course it doesn’t block all harmful websites, but it sure does do the bulk of blocking for you. If you really want to know what your kids are doing you should often log into your router to see what sites they’re visiting. Even if they delete their mobile history the sites they visit will still pop up there!